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Dhanaulti Camping

Dhanaulti Camping top Attractions

Dhanaulti Camping : A picturesque hill station Dhanaulti is surrounded by tall trees and lush grasslands. It is perched at an elevation of 2286 meters above sea level, offering views of the Himalayas and scenic trails. A beautiful tourist destination in Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti shares its west-facing border with Dehradun on the edge of Tehri Garhwal District. Due to its proximity to Delhi, Mussoorie, Tehri, Rishikesh, and Haridwar, this beautiful tourist destination is an ideal weekend getaway. A holiday in Dhanaulti is best in winter when the place turns into an ice blanket with snowflakes settling on the trees’ branches to match their hue with the surroundings. As summer approaches, Dhanaulti is surrounded by , lush deodar, and oak trees that bloom harmoniously with the tranquil surroundings. This picturesque little place is one of Uttarakhand’s most popular tourist spots. By including some of the best tourist attractions nearby, the Dhanaulti Travel guide makes itself more elaborate and appealing.

Spend a weekend in the hills in solitude at these places while in this region. 

Located just 200 meters apart, Amber and Dhara are two exceptionally pleasing Eco parks in this region, blessed with alpine forests. Amber and Dhara are the main tourist attractions in this area, which were developed by the Uttarakhand Forest Department and maintained by the local youth. For those seeking a beautiful sunrise, a trip to the government-owned Aloo khet / Potato Farm is also a must. Among the 108 Shakti Peethas scattered across the globe, Surkanda Devi temple is part of the sightseeing tour of Dhanaulti. There is a special tour package for camping at Camp o royale, is the best place of Dhanaulti that offers an opportunity for adventurers to enjoy activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and biking while camping. While on vacation in Dhanaulti, you can shop at an interesting place called Himalayan Weavers.

Best Time to Visit Dhanaulti

The best time to visit Dhanaulti is in winter when Dhanaulti is completely covered in a thick blanket of snow, providing varied opportunities to dwell in several adventure activities and camping. For those who are not very fond of winters, visitors can visit this beautiful heaven during the summer season to experience its comforting season. Due to the above factors, September to June is the best time to visit Dhanaulti. During this time, the temperature hovers between 1°C and 31°C.

There is some relief from the scorching heat during the summer when temperatures range between 11°C and 31°C.

There is a monsoon between July and September when the temperature ranges between 13°C and 26°C. Even though monsoon is not considered the best time to travel because of heavy rains that can cause landslides and block road transport or other means of transportation, people still take advantage of the off-season discounts to admire the place’s beauty. In the monsoon season, it is advisable to check the weather forecast before planning a trip to Dhanaulti.

The winter season in Dhanaulti lasts from September to early April, when the temperature ranges from 1°C to 22°C. This place calls for a visit during this time of the year since there is only one shade of snow everywhere, with some strokes of gray trees and partially covered black roads.

A family vacation with children is ideal in Mussoorie if you love nature. They enjoy exploring the scenic lake by boat and seeing the charm of the mountains in the distance. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning mountain streams and natural waterfalls.

Travelling to Dhanaulti 

If you visit Dhanaulti, take a trip to camp o royale early in the morning to dip in the waterfall gushing through the valley. You can enjoy this lake’s natural charm and explore it comfortably by boat. This picnic spot’s sheer natural charm leaves you in awe.

An incredible Tibetan Buddhist monastery – Shedup Choepelling Temple

Travelers from across the globe are always fascinated by Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan architecture. The Shed Choepelling Temple in Mussoorie is one such Buddhist monastery with exquisite Tibetan architecture.

In addition to its prayer wheels, stunning interiors, beautiful lamps, and awe-inspiring nature, it also has a divine ambiance where visitors can experience a serene and peaceful vibe. Travelers who visit this place find it ideal for practicing meditation here.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture beautiful images of your Mussoorie holiday.

A small hill station near the popular hill town of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, is tucked among the snow-clad Himalayan ranges. Due to its proximity to the National Capital and several other popular places in Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti has recently become a popular winter destination. Rhododendrons, oaks, and deodar trees adorn the small hill town, making it a popular destination among nature lovers.

 Its scenic beauty is enhanced by heavy snowfall during the winter season located in the Garhwal Himalayas. The town is covered in sheets of white snow, so it looks like a postcard and attracts tourists from across the country and abroad.

In addition to providing a panoramic view of snow-clad Himalayan peaks, Dhanaulti’s alpine forests of Deodar, Rhododendron, and Oak provide the perfect setting for a tranquil weekend escape.

With our luxury camping  Package, you can spend time to the Land of god, Uttarakhand camp o royale. You can escape from the city’s bustle, tainted air, and large crowds with our Mussoorie Dhanaulti packages. Please take advantage of our Mussoorie Dhanaulti packages and enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful landscape of lofty mountains, and the tranquillity of these hill stations. As part of our Mussoorie Dhanaulti Tour Package from Delhi, you will enjoy swift transfers, comfortable hotels, delicious meals, and sightseeing tours with your loved ones. You can customize the itinerary according to your needs and budget, and we promise to make your Mussoorie Dhanaulti tour memorable by visiting Mussoorie’s famous attractions and spending time at the Dhanaulti waterfalls.

In the Himalayas, Dhanaulti is a picturesque small town close to Mussoorie. Most travelers use the area as a peaceful rest stop on their way to other destinations or longer trips, but you can visit it as a vacation. While Dhanaulti has no major tourist attractions, the best places to visit are modest and scenic spots that offer a sense of quiet and closeness to nature.

The following itineraries can also be used to reach this location.

Eighty-two kilometers from Dhanaulti, the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest. From the airport, passengers can take taxis and buses to the city.

There is a train station in Dehradun that serves trains from across India. The distance between Dehradun and Dhanaulti is 66 kilometers.

By road: The airport is connected with several other cities in the state by a bus service. The distance between the two cities is about 258 kilometers, and it will take around eight or nine hours to travel from Dhanaulti to Delhi. Mussoorie is another stunning hill station located just 25 kilometers away from Delhi.


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